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Head Teacher

"Hello, my name is Mrs Udell and I am delighted to be the Head Teacher of Elm Grove Primary School. I am very proud of the work that the school does and the children, staff, governors and parents that make up our community. Children at Elm Grove Primary School are lucky to attend such a fabulous school. We believe we help our children to become confident and independent individuals."

Mrs L Udell



Photograph of Head Teacher


The class teacher in Reception (Oak Class) is:

  • Mrs M Booker (Middle Leader)

Year One

The class teacher in Year One (Maple Class) is:

  • Mrs S Shawcross (Middle Leader)

Year Two

The class teachers in Year Two (Hazel Class) are:

  • Mrs J Robinson (4 days per week)
  • Ms A Gibson (Middle Leader) (1 day per week)

Year Three

The class teachers in Year Three (Beech Class) are:

  • Mrs D Price (3 days a week)
  • Mrs U Grace (2 days a week) (Autumn 1) / Mrs A Cockrill (2 days a week) (from Autumn 2)

Year Four

The class teacher in Year Four (Willow Class) is:

  • Miss J Gray

Year Five

The class teachers in Year Five (Redwood Class) are:

  • Mrs C Pegg (Middle Leader) (4 days per week)
  • Ms A Gibson (Middle Leader) (1 day per week)

Year Six

The class teacher in Year Six (Chestnut Class) is:

  • Mrs K Toon (Deputy Head Teacher)

Learning Support Assistants

Learning Support Assistants are deployed flexibly across the school, according to need. They are:

  • Mrs L Reid
  • Mrs B Lay
  • Mrs M Wilcock
  • Miss S Humphrey
  • Mrs C Beardmore
  • Miss A Phelan
  • Mrs K Baylis
  • Mr P Elliott
  • Mrs A Coe
  • Mrs N Newnham

Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) Cover and Pupil Premium Champion

Our PPA cover is provided by:

  • Mrs U Grace (Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Pupil Premium Champion)

Swimming Instructor

Our Swimming Instructor is:

  • Mrs C Leatherland

Inclusion Co-ordinator and SENCo

Our Inclusion Co-ordinator and SENCo is:

  • Mrs L Green

Learning and Inclusion Mentor (ELSA)

Our Learning and Inclusion Mentor (ELSA) is:

  • Mrs M Goacher

School Business Manager

Our School Business Manager is:

  • Miss L Wingrove

Administrative Assistant

Our Administrative Assistant is:

  • Mrs A Bristow

Premises Manager

Our Premises Manager is:

  • Mr N Udell

IT Support

Our IT support is provided by:

  • Mr M Ginnaw
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