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Hot School Meals

Packed Lunches

If your child has a packed lunch we would encourage you to provide your child with a healthy lunch and drink of water.  We stress that we do not permit fizzy drinks and/or sweets.  As we have several children who have severe food allergies we ask that you do not give your child peanut butter sandwiches or any food containing nuts at any time.  Children are only allowed to bring crisps and chocolate bars on Fridays as a treat.  We would also ask you to make sure you give your child food that they like and an amount that they will eat.  Children should also be reminded not to share the food they bring. 

Please make sure that they are able to unwrap the food you supply easily as we do ask them to remove it themselves as part of becoming more independent.   All lunch boxes must be small, labelled with the child’s name on the outside and have a small frozen ice pack to maintain the food at a low temperature.  Insulated boxes are particularly good.  The boxes are stored in the classroom.  If you bring your child’s lunch in late please hand it in at the school office.   We have found that this makes it much more of a social event and makes the children more aware of what they are eating.

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